Shop Window Competition

Purbeck Art Weeks Festival 2017 is holding another competition for the best shop or business window display in Corfe, Wareham and Swanage – based on this year’s Festival theme of ‘A Moment in Time’.

Winfrith Village Stores – winning window display 2016

Last year’s competition, the first one, was a great success. It was won by Winfrith Newburgh Village Store with an amazing sand sculpted mermaid. There were also two runners up – see if you can spot their certificates when you’re having a cup of coffee or buying something secondhand in Wareham!

This year we hope even more shops will participate.

The shop with the best window display gets a whole free page of advertising space in our brochure (worth £240) – and the runners up receive framed certificates.

How would you interpret ‘A Moment in Time’ ?  It could be looking back into history, something to do with time itself or the moment a dragonfly lands or a leaf falls. It will be fun to see what our local shops come up with!

The ‘judges’ are you, members of the public, so YOUR VOTE COUNTS. 

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED – the results will be announced soon!

Terms and Conditions