Shop Window Competition

Purbeck Art Weeks Festival 2017 is holding another competition for the best shop or business window display in Corfe, Wareham and Swanage – based on this year’s Festival theme of ‘A Moment in Time’.

Winfrith Village Stores – winning window display 2016

Last year’s competition, the first one, was a great success. It was won by Winfrith Newburgh Village Store with an amazing sand sculpted mermaid. There were also two runners up – see if you can spot their certificates when you’re having a cup of coffee or buying something secondhand in Wareham!

This year we hope even more shops will participate.

The shop with the best window display gets a whole free page of advertising space in our brochure (worth £240) – and the runners up receive framed certificates.

How would you interpret ‘A Moment in Time’ ?  It could be looking back into history, something to do with time itself or the moment a dragonfly lands or a leaf falls. It will be fun to see what our local shops come up with!

The ‘judges’ are you, members of the public, so YOUR VOTE COUNTS. Voting starts now – please use the form below to nominate your choice for best window display 2017!


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