Behind the Doors at PAW

Art is for everyone and it’s been great to see  children at the exhibitions  by our PAW artists and Purbeck Young Artists. Several venues, including Rollington, have refreshments for those exploring the trail. The PAW President and his wife came to visit earlier in the week to see how much effort has gone into the Festival.

Moving in Time

Rehearsals and the final run through at the Mowlem Theatre for the dance event, Moving in Time.  Sketches  are by Charlie Money from the artists sketching session during the rehearsal.

Week two of the Open Studios, there are plenty to seek out with artists waiting to meet and greet and discuss their skill, inspiration and technique.

Rehearsal  by I Fagiolini of Orfeo by Monteverdi : at Lady St. Mary Church, Wareham on Saturday.

Workshop with the Atea Wind Quintet at St James Church, Kingston:

PAW artists were sketching as the musicians held a morning workshop, prior to their evening performance on Friday.

It has been a busy week so far at our many PAW venues. Rollington Barn is open for business along with our other exhibition spaces and our artists are standing by at their open studios to talk to you about their art. Some are demonstrating their skills so it is well worth seeking them out by using our map in the booklet and don’t forget to look out for the shop windows.



Our first visit behind the doors at PAW is to Rollington Barn where we have been very busy over the past few weeks! Firstly the barn has to be cleaned, prepared and set up and then our artists begin bringing in their work for display. The work is then hung and labelled before our private view.

Setting Up:

Rollington Private View:

Purbeck Young Artists :