Rollington Manager Needed

If you already enjoy visiting Artists’ Studios and Events during Purbeck Art Weeks then this is a great opportunity to become part of it all.

We are looking for someone to be part of the management of our central exhibition at Rollington. You don’t need to be a painter, photographer, sculptor or visual artist in any form but just already really enjoy PAW and all it has to offer and would like to be more involved. Moira said of her experience in 2017,  “Managing Rollington is a great way to meet lots of PAW artists and have fun working with a lovely variety of people, it was really worth doing.”

Rollington as well as being the exhibition at the centre of PAW is also the part of PAW where the largest number of artists and members work together. We are hoping that now that the whole process is split into manageable areas and documented that this is something you could do for just one year if you wanted.  Also many aspects can be shared and so it might be fun if 2 of you want to share the job.

See the attached job description for details or contact Moira on

Rollington Manager Job Description