Our bursary scheme is primarily aimed at encouraging artists to take the next step in their career.  It is therefore highly preferable that applications are submitted before the artist has taken the decision to embark on the next step in their career.

The Trustees prefer that the application contains a proposal for something definite, such as the materials or tools for a particular project or activity, or the course fees for an appropriate course, with some indication of the costs.  The proposal should be supported by the applicant’s explanation as to how the proposal fits in with, and advances/develops, the artistic career aspirations of the applicant.

In all their decisions, the trustees have to be mindful of the very limited resources available from which to make bursary awards and it is therefore only exceptional applications that are likely to be successful.

To enquire further about the PAW Bursary Scheme please email us info@purbeckartweeks.co.uk or use the form below: