Artist Applications


Joining PAW

Visual Artists can exhibit at our central exhibition at Rollington (a great place to dip your toe in the water for the first time or offer a taster of your work to encourage visitors to your open studio) or Open Your Studio (lots of artists also share open studios – great for mutual support and to increase the variety of art for visitors).

The visual artists involved in PAW are a real mix of established and emerging artists and of all ages. Many artists, who now exhibit regularly elsewhere, as well as in PAW, took their first steps through the art weeks. PAW is a great place to start.

 Application Forms

Even although all the applications to exhibit as part of PAW 2017 are now complete you can still become a member of PAW for 2017. A great way to keep up to date with what is happening and come to workshops or help out during PAW itself and get to know more PAW members and artists. Perhaps your first step towards exhibiting in PAW 2018.

Become a Member

Completion of the Membership form and fee of £10 entitles you to full membership of the festival for the Year 2017 Jan to Dec irrespective of when you join.

PAW Membership and Exhibition Fees 2017 (for reference)

Members must live and/or work or study in Purbeck.
Membership Year – 1 January to 31 December
Annual Membership – £10

Exhibition Fees
All Exhibitors and all those named in the brochure or in the artist sections of the PAW website must be Members or Guest Artists and have paid their Membership fee before their application to exhibit will be accepted

Studios – of which there are 3 categories:-

Studio Exhibition Fee
Artist studio – a show of work in an artist’s home or studio £75
(including one work at Rollington by a Member)
Exhibition – a show of work in a non commercial space (barn, village hall, etc) £100
(including one work at Rollington by a Member)
Gallery/ Businesses – a commercial gallery, shop, pub etc (including one work £120
at Rollington by a Member)
Additional Artist named in brochure and on the website (must be Member) £15 including one work at Rollington

Guest Artist – A Studio may invite one established artist who does not live or work £30
in Purbeck to exhibit with them at their Studio during the PAW Festival 2017.
(including only being named in the brochure and on the website)

Additional words in brochure – 40p per word
Additional images in brochure – £35 each
Additional work at Rollington – £20 each piece

Rollington (PAW central showcase exhibition)
Rollington Exhibition Fee – An individual Member taking part in the shared exhibition at Rollington £60
Standard commission of 20% is payable on all sales at Rollington

Student and Charity Discount – 50% discount on Studio and Rollington Exhibition fees to students who are under the age of 30 and are in full time education or within 2 years of graduation and to registered Charities. Students and Charities exhibiting as Studios or at Rollington must be Members and have paid the full Membership fee. Full standard commission is payable on sales at Rollington.

Other Sales at Rollington – Work of local or artistic interest, which does not compete with that on offer from exhibiting Members, for instance local books or magazines, accepted at Rollington for sale less the standard commission but without payment of the normal exhibition fee. The seller must be eligible to be, and must become, a Member.

Purbeck – For the purposes of eligibility for membership, Purbeck is defined as the area of Dorset administered by Purbeck District Council.